Yes, House Concerts.  Concerts in your home – or in your yard.  Intimate gatherings with great music and fun people.

We are available for concerts in the area, as well as concerts along our route as we travel to different cities.

Sharon Powell Quincy, President of the North Riverside Neighborhood Association wrote:

“Our North Riverside Neighborhood Association hosted a backyard/house concert with Billie and Robin as the entertainment! What a wonderful night it was….one of those with perfect weather, neighbors and friends dropping by to listen, and the soulful and great tunes we heard that evening! The harmonizing and stories told through their music was incredibly peaceful and an experience we’d love to repeat!”

And this comes from Gene Gray:

“We had Billie and Robin play for my wife’s birthday celebration at our home on October 8, 2011.. My original wish was that they play outside as background music while we all gathered outdoors. However, the rains came and the rains kept coming. But Robin and Billie showed up a little earlier to get things set up inside. They set up in our basement and the atmosphere was both elegant and intimate. The acoustics and sound quality were superb, playing all of the favorites from this wonderful duo. I had never heard them before except for the clips on the website but I soon found out after they started playing that I made the right choice.

I wanted this evening to be special to show my love for my wife, and Billie and Robin delivered big time. Their synergy up there playing together was a sight to behold and I really thought the audience felt it too. The songs were fun and sweet, but also touched me in meaningful ways, especially the track, “I’m Afraid.” Their unique instrumentation and quality vocals were mesmerizing and I actually lost track of the time. I would book these two again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone that wants to host them at their home. It will live on in the memories for all your guests for years to come.”

If you’d like more information, drop us a note!